About the Partnership

About the CDFCP

The Coastal Douglas-fir Conservation Partnership (CDFCP) is a collaboration of agencies, organizations and land managers who are interested in promoting and protecting healthy Coastal Douglas-fir and Associated Ecosystems (CDFAE) into the future. Land trusts, governments (federal, provincial, regional, municipal, and First Nations), environmental stewardship groups, resource industry professionals, private landowners and academic institutions are encouraged to become CDFCP Participants or Supporters.

The CDFCP arose from the recognition of a need for a more strategic and collaborative approach among those involved and interested in conservation efforts in Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystems, and was developed through a series of discussions and workshops including different levels of governments, non-government conservation organizations, and community residents who believe that by working together, we can more effectively achieve our shared conservation goals. 

The CDFCP promotes shared stewardship and will identify conservation priorities, reduce duplication of effort, share resources and information, and provide support to its participants. As set out in its terms of reference, the CDFCP is led by a Steering Committee and supported by a series of Working Groups focused on different aspects of the CDFCP goals.


CDFCP Terms of Reference

The CDFCP Terms of Reference (TOR) describes the purpose, structure, operating procedures, geographic scope and short term goals of the CDFCP.  The TOR represents a fairly broad mandate, and through collaborative strategic planning we will determine priorities and focus resources where they are most needed.  This breadth is also reflected in the geographic scope of the CDFCP, which goes beyond the borders of the Coastal Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone to include portions of the Coastal Western Hemlock biogeoclimatic zone.

CDFCP Statement of Cooperation

Participants and supporters of the CDFCP are required to sign on to a Statement of Cooperation (SOC). The SOC will provide strong evidence that many government and non-government organizations support working collaboratively to help conserve essential elements of CDFCP Region. The SOC can be signed both by Participants, who represent a government or organization, and Supporters, who have no such affiliation.  To give the SOC weight, we hope the SOC will be signed at the Director-level (or equivalent) within organizations or governments.  Signatures and, where applicable, position and affiliation can be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


CDFCP Region


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