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Conservation Planning in the CDF (2007)

The status of biodiversity in the Coastal Douglas Fir (CDF) biogeoclimatic zone, located on the east side of the Vancouver Island, has received considerable recent attention. Historic and current development pressures have, and are having significant negative impacts on biodiversity values and it is widely recognised that considerable efforts will be required to restore and maintain biodiversity values within the zone.

This report was commissioned as part of a number of different projects relating to the broader goal of developing a conservation strategy for the CDF, and has a number of specific goals including to provide:

    • A review of approaches to setting conservation targets,
    • A target, or target range that relates to the risks associated with different levels of conservation,
    • A summary of uncertainties,
    • Examples of planning used in ecosystems similar to the CDF .


Conservation Planning in the CDF (pdf), Rachel F. Holt, Ph.D., R.P.Bio. 2007